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Dispenser Shelf for Bloodsugar Diaries

Save valuable staff time by using the convenient self-service dispenser shelf!

Spenderregal Info

The dispenser shelf provides many advantages:

  • Patients can self-service themselves. This saves valuable staff time.

  • Opportunity for profit

  • The dispenser shelf is of high quality and noticeably enhances im impression of the entrance area of your doctors practice 

The dispenser shelf is made of white HDF plates (5mm) and has a coin compartment with a lockable opening at the bottom. It has the dimensions 720 x 610 x 110 mm. A joinery in Leverkusen manufactures the shelf and it is delivered for the cost price of 200 €. It can be picked up in Leverkusen or shipped with careful protection (shipping: plus 25 € for the wooden box + shipping costs).

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